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The R&D department was established to ensure the continuous improvement in developing innovative and complex technology for our customers. It is the key to Victorwood’s continued competitive edge.


The department is staffed with experienced and qualified engineers, it consists of 4 divisions which include mechanical, electronics, software development and cosmetic design. With over 20 years of development experiences for electronic devices, the foundations of our technical strengths are telecommunication, wireless and audio technologies.


This group of highly qualified professionals are constantly researching and developing various ranges of innovative technology to incorporate into Victorwood's product ranges which enable us to develop simple, smart, & innovative products solution in a short turnaround time.


In order to ensure the quality and functionality of our products, all Victorwood’s products must undergo a series of evaluation and testing procedure before going into mass production. These tests include: thermal test, drop test, functional test, signal quality, sound quality, power safety, usability, reliability and interoperability test.


Our products have received certifications granted by the world's leading technical institutes including FCC, CE, R&TTE, UL, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and many other standard authorities.





R & D

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