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Company Overview


Specialized in development of  Smart home IoT solution , Bluetooth speakerphone for office  and telecommunication products using PSTN , VoIP , FWP and DECT .



Our Vision


  • Make life fun and easy by producing smart electronic devices , 


  • Become a global leader in wireless home, Bluetooth speakerphone and telecom products



Our Mission


  • Produce simple, smart, innovative products for our customers


  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction and provide total solution from project management, product design, product security, quality control, delivery, & service.


  • Be a product promoter for our customers by building high quality and user friendliness products





Established in 1994, Victorwood is dedicated to design, develop & manufacture a broad range of innovative, simple and smart electronic devices. Products are being developed with end-user in mind.


Sales & Marketing in Hong Kong with operation in China, Victorwood is dedicated to work with our customers to develop high quality, end-user oriented solution to ensure consumers will have an enjoyable experience from using our products.


As one of the earliest companies who provided VoIP & telecom products, Victorwood incorporated its core competency in telecommunication / networking technology, engineering, and manufacturing excellence to bring high quality, innovative products to market faster than the others.



Customer commitment


Over the years, with our commitment of product excellence, cost competitiveness and customer oriented mindset; Victorwood was established prestigious business partnerships with major brand customers and telecom service providers worldwide including North America, Europe and Asia.


Victorwood will continue to deliver quality products and solutions to customers worldwide. Join now and let us be your “Ultimate Business Partner”.

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