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Conference Phone
Model : S300E / S350

Product Descriptions


   Conference Phone





   S300E - Basic Conference Phone with extended microphone

   S350-  - Advanced conference phone with both analog and USB connectivity




  • Creat a more realistic experience
    with select models using eacome HD-Voice technology SonicClear to capture both the deeper lows and higher frequencies of human voice, resulting in conference calls that sound as natural as being there


  • Extend the microphone range
    ensuring that everyone in the room is heard loud and clear on the other end of the call


  • Actively remove background noise
    emanating from sources such as projectors and ventilation system


  • Highlight the person speaking
    using smart microphones that focus on the speaker - not the distracting ambient sounds


  • Resist interference from mobile phones
    and other wireless devices, to deliver clear communication with no distractions


  • Make users more productive immediately
    because all EACOME conference phones share the same, proven ease of use






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