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Caller ID Speakerphone
Model : CP-715

Product Descriptions


    Caller ID Speakerphone



  • Phone Book feature can store 125 sets with 8 characters and 12 digits, or store 63 sets with 16 characters and 22 digits.

  • Caller ID up to 158 Call messages with12 digits telephone number, or 72 Call messages with 12 digits telephone number and 12 characters.

  • Support 8 major language.

  • Bell core 202 and ETSI V.23 compatible.·  Compatible with single / Multiple Message format.

  • Work without batteries

  • Hearing aid with T-coil

  • Support worldwide DTMF format.

  • 4 rows LCD display Week, Name, Number, Time and Date.

  • “UNAVAILABLE” and “PRIVATE CALL” dot matrix LCD indicator.

  • Repeat call Icon indicator.

  • New Call Icon indicator.

  • Total calls and New calls display.

  • Date and Time display.

  • Name Edit functions, can modify or added the caller's name and stored.

  • Received calls number matching will display the names stored in Phone Book's .

  • The phone book recording can be keep disconnect the line.

  • Call Back function.

  • IC speaker phone.

  • 12 Indirect memory.

  • 3 Alarm clock with indicator.

  • PABX code set.

  • Mute function with indicator.






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