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Big Button Emergency Phone
Model : CP-661

Product Descriptions


    Big Button Emergency Phone



  • 12 digits LCD display

  • Caller ID features support 55 Calls message with 22 digits telephone number.

  • 31  Wall Mountable

  • LCD display Number , Date, Time and Icon.

  • “OUT OF AREA” and “PRIVATE” with icon indicator.

  • Low battery icon indicator.

  • Message Waiting Icon indicator.

  • Repeat call Icon indicator.

  • New Call Icon and LED indicator.

  • Total calls and New calls display..

  • Dial back feature.

  • 2 One Touch memory up to 24 digits(M1 and M2)

  • 1 One touch Emergency Button to activate H/F mode and automatic dialing up to 3 memorized numbers (M3)

  • 10 Two Touch memory up to 24 digits

  • 32 digits Last Number Redial

  • Tone /Pulse dialing.

  • Ringer volume control (Hi/Lo/Off)

  • Flash function can select to 100mS or 300mS.

  • Last 5 numbers redial

  • Mute

  • Pause

  • Two way speaker

  • Speaker volume control

  • Handset receiver volume control

  • Real time clock

  • Call timer

  • Ringer light

  • Pre-fix for local call up to24 digits(It is programmed by the user)

  • Pre-fix for long distance call up to 24 digits (It is programmed by the user)

  • Hearing aid (on the handset receiver)

  • Memories can be kept even without batteries(Include Direct/Indirect memory, Emergency button memory, Pre 1/Pre 2 button memory, AC code /LC code setting)

  • Wall Mountable





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